Our Building

Our history begins with an invention.

In the late 19th Century, American businessman Gustavus Franklin Swift revolutionized the meat packing industry with the invention of an ice-cooled boxcar. His practical solution laid the track for processed meat to be safely and efficiently transported long distances by rail.

Swift and Company quickly expanded operations and began to move West, arriving in Billings in 1916. As the burgeoning railroad hub and trading center grew, Swift and Company set down roots with a two-and-a-half story warehouse.

Fast forward 90 years.

The lofts at Swift Lodging are the result of a 2009 renovation of that old Swift and Co. warehouse, which stood abandoned in downtown Billings for many years.

Using an interesting blend of historic renovation, cutting-edge eco-friendly technologies and ultra-modern finishes, our professional design team transformed the space into nine unique and beautiful open concept lofts. The heavy-duty post and beam construction, expansive windows and historical features remain, but the remainder got a chic, sustainable makeover perfect for downtown living.

Located in the Old Town Neighborhood of downtown Billings, you’ll find everything from shops, museums, hospitals, universities, nightlife and fitness centers all within a 1/2 mile walking radius from your home away from home.